The I PREFER TO SAY initiative aims to open people’s eyes beyond the concept of a gender binary. Our intention is not to make a finite list of gender identities and expressions, nor do we seek to define a specific number.

By highlighting a few examples of gender identity, we aim to spotlight the infinite nuance of gender and we hope that no one will feel excluded. The identities listed are not a reflection of one identity or expression as better than another.

We also want to emphasize that through this initiative we are not talking about sexual orientation, but about gender identity as a way of defining our social diversity. And while we have presented a selection of gender identities – in reality each identity and expression is unique, and there can be as many expressions as there are people in the world.

We are aware that it would be better not to even use labels, and wish this initiative shouldn’t have to be taken… but when groups are not even considered or their rights violated, we seek for labels to identify them and carry the flag for those whose rights we want to guarantee, honoring those people who cannot speak for themselves.

Our intention is to use this next PRIDE week, when the whole world is watching us, to spotlight the importance of not classifying gender as a binary system, and give visibility to everyone who wants to be considered under another identity or expression. Our goal is to generate awareness and spark an open conversation that will enact change.

Although some institutions and movements have already developed initiatives regarding the different identities and expressions of gender, there is still much to be done.

The I PREFER TO SAY initiative has come to life thanks to several companys’ partnership, gender specialized independent professionals advice, and multiple collaborators, who are all supporting and giving visibility to these realities.

We hope this Pride, and forever more, everyone can PROUDLY declare #IPreferToSay